Urban India

Volume: XXV | Issue: No. 1

This issue discusses a multitude of aspects within the urban sector, laying emphasis on typologies of female migration, municipal finances in Maharashtra, HIV/AIDS amongst migrants and financial reforms. It also constitutes proceedings from a regional workshop conducted on model municipal law and presents a book review on 'Solid Waste Management in Resettlement Colonies of Delhi: A Study of People's Participation and Urban Policy'.  

Volume: XXVI | Issue: No. 1

The publication refers to envisioning city transformation for Mumbai, discussing urban financial management in developing countries, pattern of urbanisation in the state of Karnataka, pricing policy for public transport, studying the impact of drinking water quality and sanitation on child health.

Volume: XXIV | Issue: No. 1

This issue of the journal constitutes articles on three broad aspects. A Comparative Analysis of two southern metropolises of Delhi and Bogota on the models of commuting times; exploring issues and options for financing urban infrastructure in the stae of Punjab; and; a review of urban governance practices in Meerut district. 

Volume: | Issue: