Urban India

Volume: XXX | Issue: 2

The journal constitutes articles on green space preservation in cities, IT & IT enabled services, municipal credit rating for urban sector financing, quality of life, property tax reforms, sustainable transport principles, socio-economic profile of slum India and institutional readiness for public private partnerships. 

Volume: XXX | Issue: 1

The edition highlights issues and challenges of urban India, making of slum-free cities, progressing towards reforms pathway and good governance, using GIS application in urban heat islands, bridging urban-rural hinterlands, studying Chandigarh periphery zone and the city of Shimla to retrospect water supply system. 

Volume: XXIX | Issue: 2

This edition of journal highlights the need for establishment of a title registration system; in-situ upgradation of slum settlement in Delhi; fiscal performance of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai; importance of security tenure in mitigating the housing problem in cities; importance of property tax as a revenue to urban local bodies and need for scientific method of assessment; and spatial pattern related to migration in districts of Maharashtra.

Wiith this issue, Urban India completes thirty years of its publication.

Volume: XXIX | Issue: 1

This publication constitutes a variety of water related topics highlighting water supply for urban poor, urban water supply schemes, harvesting rainwater, water pricing regime; alongwith discussing a community-led sanitation program, a financing mechanism for municipal solid waste management, introduction to multi modal transportation system and examines the model municipal law.     

Volume: XXVIII | Issue: 1 & 2

This publication discusses multitude of urban thematic areas encompassing sustainable water supplies, special economic zones, fiscal performance of urban local bodies, megacities, basic urban services, planning & urban management, employment generation, inclusive societies and urbanisation as a holistic perspective. 

Volume: XXVII | Issue: 1

The publication comprises of articles that discuss urban decentralization, pro-poor governance of urban risks, urbanization on surface and ground water using Remote Sensing & GIS techniques, housing for inclusive cities, culture & migration, role of ICT in changing urban forms and sustainable urban development in the Indian context.   

Volume: XXVI | Issue: No. 2

This issue draws rural-urban comparisons of crowding in houses, examines urban governance in the city of Bangalore, talks about the National Urban Transport Policy, land use transformations around metro stations specifically that of Kolkata, planning for human settlements, strengthening the urban local bodies through municipal accounting reforms and reviewing a book on 'Solid Waste Management in Indian Cities'. 

Volume: XXIV | Issue: No. 2

The publication discusses case study scenarios for the state of Maharashtra on urbanisation and occupation, city of Bangalore on causes of rural-urban migration, city of Delhi on managing basic services in resettlement colonies. A conceptual inquiry on urban water systems is also examined.

Volume: XXV | Issue: No. 2

This issue throws light on institutional innovations of urban governance, usbanisation and development scenario in the state of Maharashtra, property tax reforms, discussion on migration of women workers, waste picking as an activity, and a book review of 'Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits'.  

Volume: XXXIII | Issue: No. 2

This edition refers to reform initiatives in the urban infrastructure sector, urban local governance and waste water management, access to basic amenities, urban property ownership records, and discussion on indicators of metropolitan cities such as economic performance, employment status, poverty, inequality.