Green Inititatives in SBM SWM Workshops

The salient feature of the workshops held in this series is that all the workshops were green events. For instance the participants were provided with file folders, bags, pens, manuals and note books made from recycled material made by NGOs in and around Delhi. Whether in the field trips or classroom sessions, conservation measures like using reusable water bottles rather than plastic one-time-use bottles, food packed/ served in reusable or safe material rather than unsustainable packaging were practiced. Using plants in up-cycled woven baskets for felicitating guests and RPs, instead of cut flowers wrapped in plastics, hand-made paper crafts and gifts as prizes and certificates, along with sustainable accommodation and transportation, left a long term impact on the participants. The participants understood that it was possible to practice what one preaches and the best way to preach is to practice it and show people that conservation was a way of life and not mere examples to cite.

Figure 8 Recycled products used in workshop to gift resource persons and winners

Upcycled products used in the workshop to felicitate speakers