Research Themes

Urbanization, Urban Infrastructure and Economic Growth

Study of macro parameters that influence urban development and its spatial expansion, with a continual review and analysis of the linkages between urbanization, migration, urban infrastructure and economic growth.

Municipal Finance and Governance

Study of fiscal structures at the national, state and municipal levels, with focus on strengthening local capacity for managing own sources of revenue, leveraging finance from the market, and appropriate structuring of public-private partnerships.

Land Economics and Transportation

Study of the current models of land development within the country and abroad, land economics and its effects on urban development, the efficient functioning of land markets, synergies between land use and transportation, and responses to acquisition and pooling of land.

Urban Poverty

Study of the conditions that produce and perpetuate urban poverty and ways of amelioration, the role of livelihoods and equitable access in determining the response to urban poverty, and the nature of enterprise, labour and social structure that can produce inclusive urbanization.

Affordable Housing

Study of factors that govern the affordability of housing in cities and the structural, financial and technical aspects that affect the supply of affordable housing, both self-owned and rented.

Sustainable Habitat, Environment and Climate Change

Study of urbanization and its linkages with climate change, mitigation of climate-related hazards & risks, building resilience in urban systems and estimating relative sustainability of urban systems located in different climate zones.

Smart Cities

Study of the conditions in which cities can adopt ICT-based and data-enabled platforms for participative planning and citizen engagement, real-time measurement of technical performance parameters, efficiency and transparency in e-Governance.