Urban Poverty Reduction Strategy for Jaipur

Submitted by nanda on 24 July 2014 - 6:23pm

Urban Poverty Reduction Strategies (UPRSs) for the city of Jaipur has been prepared under the GOI-UNDP Project on National Strategy for the Urban Poor. The main focus of UPRS was to improve the living conditions of the urban poor and advance their quality of life. It lays emphasis on sub-sectoral strategies that are aimed at leveraging resources for addressing the needs of the urban poor, promote urban poor participation in the UPRS, and promote pro-poor institutional reforms. The strategy is based on the analysis of the access to basic infrastructure and attempts to maintain a focus on the influence and importance of improved livelihoods in the lives of the urban poor. The preparation of the UPRS for Jaipur involves profiling the city’s poor population in terms of their living conditions, their socio-ethnic backgrounds, their economic activities and the particular skill sets and labour potentials that they possess.