Sustainable, Healthy, Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods

Sustainable, Healthy, Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC) is one of the 37 major projects funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Research Councils UK Collective Fund. The project aims to build research knowledge in the UK, Asia and Africa, to help address urbanization-related challenges in the developing countries. SHLC will conduct comparative studies of urbanisation with respect to formation and differentiation of neighbourhoods in 2 cities in India in order to address the challenges associated with rural-to-urban migration, health and education. The project also seeks to strengthen research capacity among urban researchers and policy makers. It is a four-year research project and will be conducted simultaneously in 14 cities, two in each of the seven countries of South Africa, China, Rwanda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Philippines and India in partnership with University of Glasgow.

Project Start Date 
April 2018
Project End Date 
December 2021
Contact Person 
Dr. Debolina Kundu
4 Years