Capacity Building for Smart Data and Inclusive Cities

“Capacity Building for Smart Data and Inclusive Cities” (SDIC) project is built around a three-year collaboration between National Institute of Urban Affairs (India), Institute of Development Studies, Sussex (UK) and the Indian cities of Bhopal, Jabalpur, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi.

By strengthening capacities of municipal authorities and civil society, the project aims to improve technical and institutional capacities to ensure adoption of inclusive and resilient strategies in planning and management of selected smart cities.

This objective will support the eventual realization of SDG11 in India by creating techno-institutional platforms and processes that bring the poor, marginalized and civil society organizations into enduring partnership with local authorities. By focusing on integrating urban big data systems with local data systems, the project will:

  • Bring together key local authorities, civil society organisations, slum dweller organisations, and researchers, in India and Europe, to find innovative ways of making local data count.
  • Carry out a 3-year action research to facilitate an iterative, experimental, participatory, dialogic process of co-designing techno-institutional solutions to the challenges of becoming inclusive smart cities.
  • Build on the existing data systems of slum dwellers federations to strengthen smart city data systems using participatory, human centered design.
  • Create and catalogue a variety of toolkits, learning journeys and online resources.

The three pillars of the proposed intervention are strengthening institutional capacities, enhancing accountability, and improving the quality of service provision.

  • Target Groups - Local urban authorities in four Indian cities, civil society and slum dweller organizations.
  • Estimated Results - Effective and enduring network within cities (local authorities and civil society) and across cities. Strengthened technical data systems and a block chain-based data platform that integrates local data and urban big data. Strengthened institutional structures for ensuring meaningful inclusion of the perspectives, insights, and data of the poor and marginalized into the life of Smart Cities.
Project Team
  • Dr. Debjani Ghosh
  • Ms. Yogita Lokhande
  • Mr. Asif Raza
  • Ms. Priyanka Mehra
Project Start Date 
January 2018
Project End Date 
January 2021
Contact Person 
Dr. Debjani Ghosh
Funding Agency 
European Commission
Jabalpur, Bhopal, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram
3 Years