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A. N. Nanda Kishore

National Urban Innovation Stack (NUIS) – A Digital Blueprint for Urban India India’s cities are driving the economic growth of the country. By 2030, urban India is projected to contribute more than 70% of India’s GDP, and to be home to at least 40% of the population. Cities are home to a vibrant ecosystem of actors, across government, industry, academia, and civil society. In order to capitalize on the potential of India’s cities and their ecosystems, it is important to drive greater collaboration between ecosystem actors.Citizen-Centric Smart Governance (CCSG)Under the aegis of NUIS, the Citizen-Centric Smart Governance Program looks at ways to improve service delivery by urban local bodies (ULBs) and other government agencies. CCSG will enable urban governments to rapidly digitise the systems used to register, monitor, and collect payments for key municipal services in an integrated manner. By streamlining and automating the administration of service delivery, CCSG will make the entire process more transparent and accountable for citizens, while simplifying the day-to-day tasks of frontline employees, and providing powerful tools for administrators to use for performance monitoring and planning. National Urban Learning Platform (NULP)India’s capacity for urban governance innovation needs to multiply at scale and speed. Leveraging emerging technologies to create a knowledge ecosystem is an urgent need for urban India. NULP provides an ecosystem approach to capacity-building, serving as a platform where actors from across the quadruple helix around the world can join in this effort. This part of NUIS project shall be leveraging the efforts put in by DFID funded NULP program and work towards scaling up.