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Sustainable Cities Integrated Approach Pilot Project (SCIAP)


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About the ProjectSustainable Cities Integrated Approach Pilot (SCIAP) in India is one of the child projects under Global Environment Facility’s (GEF’s) Sustainable Cities Programme in the GEF 6 cycle. The participating cities include Bhopal, Jaipur, Mysuru, and Vijayawada-Guntur. The aim of the project is to integrate sustainability strategies into urban planning and management to create a favourable environment for investment in infrastructure and service delivery, thus building resilience of pilot cities. The three main project components comprise- Sustainable Urban Planning and Management, Investment Projects and Technology Demonstration, and Partnerships and Knowledge Management Platform.Role of NIUA1.National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) has been engaged to undertake the implementation of Component 3 – Partnerships, Knowledge Management and Capacity Building mentioned in the preceding section. 2.NIUA will contribute towards building the multi-sectoral partnership platform to ensure the implementation of sustainable strategies, by understanding various issues and challenges of technical, financial, political, and social and business stakeholders/partners. 3.To solve these major issues and challenges, NIUA will prepare the integrated training curriculum modules for various stakeholders in the cities mentioned above. 4.These modules will help in implementation of the projects in the pilot cities. 5.The training program outcomes from these cities will then be scaled up to 25 Indian cities that share similar scale and complexity of issues in implementing sustainable strategies
Name: Kaustubh Parihar

Designation: Project Associate (NG)