NIUA and the Ministry of Urban Development have been partners since the creation of the Institute, working on the broader vision of the urban sector, encompassing its various facets on urban and land reforms, municipal finance, urban governance, urban infrastructure and others.

Rockefeller Foundation is supporting NIUA for a capacity building project on urban climate change resilience that will integrate climate information and address potential impacts of climate change on urban environment. The project duration is for 3 years, from 2012 to 2015. 

Cities Alliance has supported the PEARL programme for sharing knowledge on planning and implementation of urban reforms and projects in mission cities under the JNNURM, since 2010. 

CIDCO India's largest and pioneering urban and industrial development corporation, has supported a research and capacity building initiative, the CIDCO Smart City Chair at NIUA. The duration of the project is for five years, from 2014 till 2019. 

Cityzenith and NIUA are knowledge partners who aim to explore potential for making city specific data accessible to its citizens through handy and effective visualization tools, that will address urban challenges and improve the quality of life of cities. 

HUDCO has supported a three year project, the HUDCO Chair at NIUA which focusses on the status of housing and basic infrastructure in the Indian context of urban settlements.

USAID and NIUA held a long term partnership on the Financial Institutions Reform and Expansion (FIRE-D) project for developing a long-term debt market for viable urban infrastructure.The FIRE-D project was completed over 15 years, starting in 1994 and ending in 2010.

Continuing their collaboration, USAID and NIUA, in 2016, began the Innovation Hub for Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IHUWASH) project. The project, in partnership with Taru Leading Edge, IRC and Ennovent, is working towards setting up national and city-level innovation hubs. These hubs are to work closely with the administration of Faridabad, Mysore and Udaipur cities to identify city-level WASH issues and address them by contextualising, testing and scaling effective, affordable and sustainable innovations, sourced at the national and international level.



NIUA and UNESCO led Indian Heritage Cities Network (IHCN) became institutional partners in 2008 to promote urban heritage in India, provide urban management inputs so that heritage cities can become efficient cities, disseminate knowledge & information and provide reasearch and training/workshop facilities. 

CITYNET and NIUA are closely associated through the PEARL project and aim to strengthen the capabilities of local government for research projects and capacity building initiatives. CITYNET provides an international platform and access to a resource pool of organisations expertise specially from Asia-Pacific cities while NIUA supports linkages with Indian cities to transform themselves as knowledge managers.   

NIUA is the principal knowledge partner in South Asia for the Metropolis Network and successful discussions have been ongoing on making NIUA as the Metropolis International Training Institute antenna for South Asia with focus on Smart Cities and Municipal Finance.