Mr. Soule made a presentation on urban planning in the US and APA's international programs including ongoing engagements with China. Mr. Soule mentioned that in pursuit of APA's current emphasis on balancing between culture, sustainability and modernity, they  focus  on

1) smart growth
2) sustainability and
3) historic urban landscape

Dr. Bhatt's presentation focused on long-term policy and techno-economic options for New York based on situation analysis on energy-water management scenarios in the city. Further, he discussed about the city level initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions and the current capabilities for tracking emissions at all stages of energy use in the city. He also shared his experience of customizing the MARKAL Model from national level to city scale and the associated learning experiences.

Venue : 2nd Floor Conference Room, NIUA

Duration : 1 hour

Alfred Herrhausen Society (AHS), the International forum of Deutsche Bank and National Institute of Urban Affairs invites you to a panel discussion on "Handmade Urbanism: Exploring Grassroots Initiatives in Cities", book co-edited by Marcos L. Rosa and Ute E. Weiland, published by Jovis (2013) that explores the experiences of participatory urban projects in Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Mexico City and Cape Town. The discussion will examine the role that grassroots initiatives can play in cities in the developing world, especially in the context of rapid urbanization.

Venue : Seminar Hall, Kamladevi Complex, India International Centre (IIC)

Duration : 2 hours

Registration(s) : Closed

Contact Person
Name : Nitin Bathla
Email : nitinbathla@live.com

NIUA invites you for a talk by Phillip Rode, Executive Director, LSE Cities on a recent study, Going Green that lay emphasis on the results of a major global survey of 90 city governments and a case study analysis of innovative green strategies in eight cities. It has a fresh perspective on the environmental challenges that cities face, along with the opportunities and barriers to going green and fostering economic growth. The survey reports findings on cities’ policy approaches across the sectors of: land-use, transport, buildings, energy, waste and water.

Venue : 2nd Floor Conference Room, NIUA

Duration : 1.5 hours

Registration(s) : Closed