Team Leader (part-time) (12-15 years’ experience)

Project Name: 
Preparation of a Heritage Conservation Plan for the Historic City of Ahmedabad – a World Heritage City

About the Project:

The historic walled city of Ahmedabad has been declared a World Heritage City (WHC) by the UNESCO in 2017, based on the WHC Dossier, which forms the guiding framework for all actions to be planned for the Conservation & Management of all the Heritage assets (tangible & intangible). The committee from UNESCO along with the inscription, has mentioned the need for Local Area Plans (LAPs), mentioned as part of the Heritage Management Plan, for safeguarding the assets. The LAPs or ‘Heritage Conservation plans’, as per the new draft development control regulations, would form the basis for implementation of any regulations existing or to be framed / strengthened with respect to Heritage Conservation in the historic walled city.

The Ahmedabad World Heritage City Trust (AWHCT or the Trust), has been constituted as the principal body in charge of overseeing and getting implemented all the above work, by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), the statutory urban local body. AWHCT has approached the NIUA for the preparation of the Heritage Conservation Plans. The Conservation Plans intend to provide an enabling environment to facilitate redevelopment through use of policy, detailed plans, guidelines, regulatory framework, and the start building the capacity to do so. A robust yet flexible framework for monitoring & evaluation is also needed to enable course corrections for the AWHCT and city agencies given the long period of any such implementation.

NIUA is looking to hire an effective multi-disciplinary team of highly talented professionals to work on a forward-looking conservation management strategy for the walled city. The team have the right combination of experience, expertise and skills to maximize the quality of the project deliverables as well as enrich the discussion on changing development paradigms for our cities. The team would be located in Ahmedabad to have close connect with the Historic city and the AWHCT. While the team would benefit from experts from both within and outside NIUA, it is expected that the team work in a synergistic manner on various work aspects.

Qualifications: Bachelor or Master Degree in Architecture/ Urban Design / Urban Planning / Heritage Conservation

Knowledge and Experience: 12-15 years of relevant work experience in the area of Architecture, Heritage Conservation, Urban Design or Urban Planning. Substantial experience in Architectural and urban documentation shall be preferred. Candidates must have a deep familiarity with Ahmedabad, particularly the walled city. Cross-sector knowledge in areas of urban planning, housing, services and infrastructure would be an asset.

Technical Proficiency and Skills: Experience in working on city plans involving mapping, layering, drawing, data analysis, formal writing and strategic planning. Excellent networking and partnership/liaison building skills. Able to communicate clearly and sensitively with internal and external stakeholders. Proven skills in team leadership, research studies, implementation and monitoring.

Written and Verbal Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Ability to converse and understand Gujarati will be preferred.


  • Lead the project in terms of supervising and mentoring the team.
  • Conceptualise, strategize and organise the activities of the team in keeping with the deliverables, schedules and milestones of the project.
  • Provide strategic operational guidance to the Project Co-ordinator and other team members where required. To tie up key institutional partnerships necessary for the success of the project, and work as a team with the same.
  • To monitor and report project activities as well as ensure the quality of deliverables, acting as the main interface of the project. (particularly with AWHCT)
  • Identify key people at the international and national level as resource contributors (not necessarily in Heritage Conservation only) and outline their role / involvement, and to manage their deliverables.
  • To support in partnership development and networking with and between public, government (national/state/local), civil society, private sector stakeholders, academia, other donors actively involved, neighbourhood / guild committees, etc.
  • Ensure that the documentation work is of high quality, accuracy and meticulousness in keeping with the stature of the project.
  • Ensure that the Conservation Plans are in the spirit of the Dossier, and in consonance with the Draft General Development Control Regulations (with any suggested modifications).
  • With assistance from the Communication & Outreach Specialist, lead the stakeholder interaction meetings including consultation on pre-final Conservation Plans.
  • Guide the Communication & Outreach Specialist to organise platforms for appraisal of the draft Conservation Plan with key resource people both national and international. Ensure methodologies for the incorporation of recommendations of the same.
  • Lead the preparation of recommendations for Conservation and Development, and the preparation of the Final Heritage Conservation Plan Document with the Project Coordinator.
  • Any other related responsibilities, as emerge during the assignment and are assigned by NIUA.  

The position shall report to Director, NIUA and on regular basis, to the Chief Project Manager. The local touchpoint and administrative reporting would be Director, AWHCT.


  • Mentioned positions are based in Ahmedabad.
  • Before applying, please refer the detailed requirements of qualification and professional experience for each position, outlined below.
  • Exact criteria for qualifications/experience may be relaxed for exceptional candidates.
  • Candidates with experience and knowledge of Ahmedabad, particularly the walled city, will be given due preference.

Application process:

  • Candidates may apply using the ‘Apply now’ tab provided on the website itself.
  • Application should contain detailed CV and a cover letter clearly stating the relevant experience and suitability for the position applied.
  • Applicants are requested to provide the names and contact information (preferably phone and email) of two referees in the appropriate section or in the cover letter. The referees should be senior academicians or professionals of the same or related field, and should have known the applicant directly, to be able to testify about the abilities of the applicant.
  • Applications should be made by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, December 17, 2018 on the website itself, using the ‘Apply Now’ icon.
  • Applications can also be sent (only if not applied on the website directly), to Please mark a copy (CC) to The same above deadline will apply.
  • Mention ‘ACP’ and the position applied for in the subject line of your mail and cover letter, for e.g. ‘Application for ACP - GIS Specialist’.
  • A candidate may apply for more than one position, if eligible, but should send separate mails for each application.
  • Only suitable candidates who are shortlisted will be contacted for the interviews. The decision of selection lies with NIUA.
  • Candidates appearing for interviews should bring necessary portfolios, publications, writing samples, reference letters, etc. with them as is relevant to the position.
  • The interviews will be held in Ahmedabad, and shortlisted candidates will be informed of the date, time & venue.
  • NIUA will not be able to reimburse travel for interview. Skype interviews may be arranged with prior intimation for out-station candidates, but on the discretion of NIUA.
  • Originals of certificates, degrees etc. would be needed to be verified only at the time of offer.

Terms of hiring:
The project duration is 18 months and all positions would be offered on a contractual basis for the same period. Junior positions will be on probation for 6 months, and their contracts will be extended for the full duration, on satisfactory performance.

Remuneration will be at par with NIUA and industry standards, depending on experience and skills. Proof of immediate past remuneration or IT returns would be required at the time of offer.

No. of Positions: 
Last Date to Apply: 
Monday, 17 December 2018