Cities for all: XI Metropolis World Congress


National Institute of Urban Affairs is supporting the Government of Telangana and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation in organizing the XI World Congress of Metropolis, a leading world association of major metropolises, in the city of Hyderabad, from October 6-10, 2014. The theme of the Congress, Cities for All, represents the functioning of democracy for all its stakeholders and extends the living city experiences to delegates on four broad sub themes - Urban Equity, Governance, Finance and Urban India. We expect the participation of 1000-1500 delegates. 

The Congress will invite city stakeholders such as Mayors, Elected Representatives, Urban Practitioners, Women & Youth groups, Civil Society organizations, Industrial groups and Urban Think Tanks to join the debate and enrich the dialogue for the benefit of all inhabitants of the cities around the world. For further information, please log on