Women, Urban Poverty and Economic Development

This study focuses on the role of women in the reduction of poverty in the urban areas which has been addressed in three distinct parts. The first part examines women in urban areas in a macro sense and presents data on indices like sex ratio, female participation rate, nature of activities in which women work, and women's share & contribution to family income, employment etc. The second part presents an overview of the framework within which policies with respect to women and urban poverty have evolved over the past four decades and describes nature of programmes that have been taken for women's development and reduction of poverty. The third part analyses  a case study survey of low income households in Faridabad city, focusing on what do women do to reduce the incidence of poverty.  Overall the argument lays emphasis on what women do in the low income households is hardly adequate in terms of overall economic and social development and several barriers exist in their being able to effectively deal with urban poverty.