Sustainable Social Housing Initiatives in India (SUSHI)

Social Housing Initiative (SUSHI) was initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2009 to promote sustainable building practices in social housing programmes in developing countries.  It focuses on integrations of sustainable building solutions into social housing programmes so that not only environment, social and economic benefits can be reaped but also help to improve resource and energy efficiencies and to promote better living conditions for low income groups.

As a part of the SUSHI activities in India, UNEP has entrusted the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) to carry out a Policy and Financial Assessment based on the review of the existing policies, incentives, measures and barriers at national and local levels. The major objectives of the study was to develop a Policy and Financing Assessment . Secondly to assess their impact on the choices of solution for social housing including a review of existing financing tools, both public and private that could be adopted to address the investment costs for sustainable solutions and to investigate opportunities and propose recommendations for developing financial and policy instruments, compatible with the national scenario, to support sustainable social housing compatible with the national, socio-economic and political context.

Project Start Date 
July 2013
Project End Date 
July 2014
Contact Person 
Dr. Debolina Kundu
Funding Agency 
The United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP)
Pan India
INR 5,00,000
13 months