Status: Ongoing | Contact Person: Dr. Debjani Ghosh

In the year 2005, the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, launched a reform-led national investment program aimed at developing cities in India through strategic infrastructure investments titled Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

In order to respond to the emerging needs of capacity building through cross learning and knowledge exchange between JNNURM cities, the PEARL (Peer Exchange and Reflective Learning) program was initiated in 2007. NIUA was designated as the national coordinator for the PEARL...

Status: Ongoing | Contact Person: Dr. Sandeep Thakur

The project is being undertaken to analyse whether Repeal of Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act (ULCRA) 1999 was able to bridge the demand and supply gap in land market; to augment the housing stock, especially for urban poor; and achieved improve transparency and efficiency in urban land market.

Under the study, a comprehensive detailed questionnaire has been  prepared to obtain requisite information covering the increase in quantum of land available for development, increase in the share of housing stock, land released for construction of...

Status: Ongoing | Contact Person: Dr. Debolina Kundu

In light of the ongoing debate on implications of change in the workforce participation rate over the period 2004-05 and 2009-10, the low share of manufacturing in gross domestic product, no sizable shift in workers moving out of agriculture , the phenomenon of jobless growth and its implications for migration, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) along with its research collaborators Centre for Policy Research (CPR), National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), and members of Migration Coalition initiatived a project  to Strengthen and Harmonize...

Status: Ongoing | Contact Person: Prof. Usha P. Raghupathi

The project will support capacity building through training, integration of climate information, dissemination of existing knowledge products on Urban Climate Change Resilience (UCCR), linking networking partners as a means to influence policies, address the potential impacts of climate change in urban environment, link climate resilience to development planning and management. 

Status: Completed | Contact Person: Dr. Debjani Ghosh

The broad objective is to give exposure to the policy makers at state and local level to policy analysis pertaining to JNNURM reforms; keep them up-to-date and enhance professional knowledge and skills needed for better performance; and bring about right attitudinal orientation.  They need to be professionally equipped with the knowledge and skills for policy analysis, strategic planning and policy formulation. This will develop their capacity to better appreciate reform process and adopt strategic approaches to strengthen governance at state and local level. NIUA would...

Status: Completed | Contact Person: Dr. Debjani Ghosh

The research study proposes to examine various issues reforming the property tax system in various parts of the country. It will develop a broad template for State level policy on Property Tax reforms which will include documentation of good practices covering areas of Property Tax Reforms – initiatives in computerization, use of technology, levy structures, linking to spatial data, exemptions, etc. The emphasis will be on transition capturing issues such as how the change happened and why the change was successful.

The study will cover both...

Status: Completed | Contact Person: Ms. Paramita Datta Dey

As part of GGGI’s India Urban Programme, this project aims to: define ‘urban green growth’ in the context of urbanizing India; quantify and communicate the benefits and the potential of green growth strategies across a range of Indian cities, and informing national policy conversations; compile a detailed set of good practices relevant to the urban development needs and challenges of Indian cities (including: green technologies, policies, business models, standards, systems, partnership models, etc); communicate how these best practices can be applied and financed in...

Status: Completed | Contact Person: Dr. Sandeep Thakur

One of the important conditions of the 13th Finance Commission is to put in place a Supplement to the State Budgets meant for local bodies furnishing details of grants and transfers to ULBs. There is no uniformity in the structure of Supplementary Budgets being prepared by different states. The objective of the study is to assist MoUD in standardization of Supplementary Budgets and Finance Accounts as per the guidelines of 13th Finance Commission.

A detailed investigation of codification structure of Supplementary Budgets,...

Status: Completed | Contact Person: Dr. Sandeep Thakur

The objective of the study was to carry out a comparative study to review the status of implementation of Model Municipal Law in six states, namely, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Orissa Outcomes of the study are suggested improvements and changes in the MML and respective Municipal Acts on the basis of above-mentioned review. Municipal Acts were reviewed and a detailed comparison of the Model Municipal Law with the Municipal Acts and the Municipal Corporations Acts of these six states has been done. 

Status: Completed | Contact Person: Ms. Paramita Datta Dey

NIUA has prepared for eleven city-wide poverty reduction strategies for eleven Indian Cities, in association with by various partner agencies under the guidance of UNDP and MoHUPA. The UPRSs focus on improving the living conditions of the urban poor and advancing their quality of life.  Emphasis was also laid on providing a broader spectrum of livelihood options for the poor.

The focus of the UPRS was on promoting the following: sub-sectoral strategies aimed at leveraging resources for addressing the needs of the urban poor, participation of the...