Child Friendly Smart Cities Hub at NIUA

NIUA has partnered with the Bernard van Leer Foundation, a private grant making organization based in the Netherlands, to promote an initiative to build Child Friendly Smart Cities (CFSC) in India as part of the urban agenda of building smart cities. The goal of this initiative is to mainstream the needs of children and promote the planning and development of child and family-friendly smart cities in India, with a view to transforming existing and new urban areas of the country into safe, liveable, equitable and nurturing environments for all children. The project intends to bring greater awareness amongst urban planners and policy makers about the interrelationship between a child's health and the built environment/ living conditions. It is the first time an initiative like this, which looks at children's needs in a comprehensive manner through the lens of urban planning and design across key theme areas -Public health, social and physical infrastructure, Safety and Security, Transportation and Mobility and living conditions is being taken up in the country.

Project Start Date 
November 2014
Project End Date 
November 2017
Contact Person 
Prof. Jagan Shah
Pan India
3 years